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Last weekend CrossFit ready was represented in the CrossFit World. Yes the world. We had  Lindsey and Kat crushing team workouts  at the Moxie throwdown. Troy, Scott, and Gina showing everyone in Norcal how fit they are!   Kat and lindsey finished in the top 1/3 of the pack in their first RX competition. 155lb cleans, regional athletes, bar muscle ups, and short shorts! These girls did an amazing  job representing our gym!   Over the bridge we had the NorCal masters!     These seasoned warriors started off their workout filled weekend with a clean and jerk ladder! Scott hitting an impressive 235lb clean and jerk! Next up we had Gina swinging a 53lb kettlebell and doing some chest to bar pull ups against game athletes!   Both Scott and Gina put it all out there and both finished in the top 10 in their age groups! Then the second day came… And when the clock beeped. It become Miller time! Troy had an impressive 1st place finishes in […]

        Hello CrossFit Ready team! We would like to let you all know about an awesome event happening this Weekend! The 5th annual NorCal Masters competition will take place on Saturday, January 24th and Sunday, January 25th, 2015, at the Craneway Pavilion in Richmond, CA.  We will be having 3 of our Amazing CrossFit Ready athletes competing! Troy Miller, Gina Santiago, and Scott Alberi! If  you have a free day, or are in the area, come witness some of the greatest athletes of all time going head to head with each other!  

So there will be days we don’t want you to go to maximal effort! We will begin to use the RPE chart (Rate of Perceived Exertion) to help gauge our intensity levels. Brief example of the common numbers you will see while lifting and how you should feel while lifting :             But why? –  You only get better with hard work and recovery. We want you to show up to the gym often, but want you to do it a smart way. If we go maximal effort back to back, our recovery time increases and increases. Preventing us from making our sought after GAINZZZ (Yes with a Z). SO there will be times where you should hold back a little, so your body can catch up with the recovery. Its not about good workout days, or bad workout days. Its about having workout days!



It is wth great sadness that we say goodbye to one of our youngest members Jeremy Montes Jr.  Jeremy will be missed by all who met and knew him. All of us at CrossFit Ready extend our love, prayers and support to his mother Gina, grandparents Kristine and Mark, and the rest of Jeremy’s family.

  COME CELEBRATE THE HOLIDAYS WITH US! SAVE THE DATE\ HOLIDAY PARTY! Eat, Drink, and play a lively game of White Elephant. Bring a wrapped gift under $20.00 or a RE-gift and play a friendly gift pass around. (You are not obligated to play but you will wish you had.   What to Bring: A White Elephant gift, dessert, or appetizer or drink to share.   When: MONDAY, DECEMBER 22, 2015 Time: 6pm to 9pm   Where: THE GYM   This Holiday Party is for members and their families.   RSVP: Yes please RSVP to [email protected]   Cheers! Troy, Melanie & Daniel  

  GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE GIVE THE GIFT OF FITNESS 10 CLASS PUNCH CARD $100 OFFER ENDS DECEMBER 31TH   Must be a new member to CrossFit Ready. Non-refundable. Gift Certificate expires March 31, 2015. Offer limited to (2) per person.   You may purchase the Gift Certificate online. You will receive an email confirmation and the Certificate will be available for pick up at the gym. PURCHASE ONLINE HERE: Happy Holidays from our family to yours!  

This Thursday is Thanksgiving!  We will be open for just one class…9am. This is the class we  have all been waiting for.  We all have a brother, sister, parent or good friend that has noticed all the CrossFit stuff we do.  They make those little comments on our Facebook page.  They make jokes about it when you see them at family get togethers.  Or maybe they actually have said “I do want to try that at some point”.  This is your chance. Bring them in and get your sweat on with them before eating all that Turkey and Ham!  We will make sure they have a good experience and get a taste of CrossFit and the great community that we have here at Ready!! Remember: Thursday at 9am….Closed Friday Enjoy the Sunshine!

Thanksgiving Schedule this week: Tuesday – Regular schedule Wednesday – Regular schedule Thursday( T-Day) – 9am Team Workout! Friday – CLOSED Saturday – Regular schedule Sunday – Regular schedule Last Saturday/ Sunday we had some big PRs in the Deadlift!   Some Awesome PR’s: Paul – 365lbs Anita – 225lbs Angel – 315lbs Lana – 205lbs Amanda – 310lbs Favi – 230lbs Rob S – 263lbs  

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