Workout Of Day (WOD)

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Make sure to start tracking your records! In August we, will start hitting some benchmark workouts.. Lift: Deadlifts 2-2-2-2-2 Capacity: 10 rounds for time 5 box overs 24/20 10 kb swings 53/35 5 t2b  

Bring your rope tomorrow to the gym and work on those double unders! This will be our last week working on the double unders. Remember the key points: – Flicka the wrist, not the arms making big circles – 2 factors, foot speed and wrist speed. – Relax.. Do not get frustrated, it’s all about rhythm. – Remember singles are your safe zone, if you start to go crazy wild like kid that has to go potty, remember to calm down and go back to double unders. – Do not neglect them. Lift: Bench Press 10-10-10-10-10 Capacity: Part I 12min amrap 21 cal row 21 HR push ups 42 double unders rest 3 minutes Part II 5 minutes at a moderate pace. Bike or Run.

    Lift: back squat 3-3-3-3-3   Capacity: EMOMx12 Minute 1: 5 db thrusters 10 db front squats Minute 2: 50ft sled push Minute 3: 5 t2b 10 burpees  

Make sure to wear your tall socks tomorrow! We got a lot of rope climbs! Skill: double under progressions. Capacity: 5min amrap 5 thrusters 10 lateral jumps 115/73 RX 135/83 CX 2 min rest 5min amrap 20 russian kb swings 53/35 200m run 2min rest 5min amrap 3 rope climbs 30 sit ups

Our fellow Brooke Ence and Troy Miller have left for Carson to participate in the CrossFit Games! Check them out through the Crossfit games website! let’s send them some good joo-joo! Monday: hang power snatch + hang snatch + ohs 5 working sets Set a 15 minute clock Every 3 minutes 500m row max squat cleans rest 3 minutes repeat 3 times CX- 185/125 RX- 135/83 A- 95/55

We have a nice 5 rounder tomorrow. Make sure to bring your A game and push through this fun one. Also remember this weekend CrossFit West will have Anthony from Progenex at our gym sampling all the awesome protein  flavors! Get your workout in at our new Saturday class times (9am/10am class and 11am Open gym) and get your post workout recovery!   Skill: double under work Capacity: “Five Round Friday” 400m run 50 kb swings then 5 rounds 10 deadlifts 10 lateral burpees 5 hang cleans 5 muscle ups (10 c2b pull ups) then 50 kb swings 400m run Cx=185/125 RX- 135/85

Lift: Front squats 4×3@90% Capacity: “Leg Lighter-Upper” for time 2 rounds 30 cal row 30 wall balls 30 db lunges CX- 50 RX-40-25

This weekend is going to be exciting! Progenex is coming to CrossFit West! This SATURDAY, from 9am-12pm,  we will have a Progenex representative at our gym refueling all your muscles with some of the best tasting, and high quality whey protein powders on the market! Try all the flavors! So workout. Grab a shake. oh wait, you like it? Yes, you can buy a bag!  We sel Progenex recovery at both of our CrossFit locations! This SUNDAY from 11am-1pm, CrossFit West will provide childcare! We are working on providing more and more for our CrossFit family. Come to open gym, get a workout in and have your child entertained! Have to go to Costco? Boom! Drop your child off, and get as many 5 dozen crates of organic eggs you crave.   snatch balance with pause 2-2-2-2-2-2 set 15 minute clock do 2 with a 2 second  pause .Work on being tight at the bottom  Capacity: Every 90 seconds station 1 200m run 10 pull ups*  CX*- 5 muscle ups   station 2 […]

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