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 Our skill for the month of June is “Pulling”. Depending on your level, you will either: be working on your strength ( let’s get a pull up)2 2. Working on creating a safe/ correct/ and efficient kipping pull up. 3. . Working on creating a safe/ correct/ and efficient butterfly pull ups. Skill: Pull ups. Depending on level work on : 1.Strength development 2.Kipping efficiency 3.Butterfly efficiency EMOM: minute 1 1 rope climb 10 sit ups minute 2 10 pistols (alternate) 10 sit ups minute 3 10 calories row 10 sit ups x4 CX: legless rope climb/ Core work: 3 rounds Max unbroken toes to bar 60 second rest  

  Ok you got that friend that’s on the fence, or maybe you have someone in the back of your mind that would love CrossFit but has never experienced it. Or has experienced it and taken a little break from it. Call, text, or Snapchat them to come sign up for CrossFit Ready or CrossFit West! For every member that gets a friend to sign up in the month of June will receive $50 bucks cash! Sign them up for elements and then a month membership? Thats $50 for the elements, and another $50 for the membership! Get 3 friends to join $150! Share the gift of fitness (especially now that summer is knocking), and get some cash! Check below for details Rules of the game: For any trainer or member: – Have the prospected member sign up for any form of membership (170 full time member, 150 firefighter, 115 student, or, elements). – Have them email info@Crossfitwest, letting them know who their referral is. Ex: ” Hi my names […]


da Bear

For Monday we are starting it off with the Bear complex: The Bear is a  five-lift complex consisting of: 1 power clean 1 front squat 1 shoulder to overhead 1 back squat 1 second shoulder to overhead from behind the neck   Rule: No letting go!   Have FUN!   Lift: Set a 15 minute clock perform 1 round of the bear complex Rest 90 seconds. build to heaviest set. Capacity: 10 minutes clock. Sprint for time: 40 calorie row 20 back squats 10 muscle ups CX: 205/155 RX: 155 /103 A: 115/83

Skill: Getting upside down. If we can do that, let’s walk upside down. (Handstand walk) Capacity: For time: 25 GHD SIT UPS 50 ground to overhead 50 wall balls 75 cal row 100 double unders 125 jumping squats CX- 115 RX- 95 Spice factor: No dropping bar. Every drop = 2 burpees  

Kids, the joy of life. We love them. We at CrossFit West and CrossFit Ready,  genuinely want them surrounded by positive influences. They come to the gym and see mommy and daddy running, jumping, and lifting weights. They see their role models continuously working hard in order to be better versions of themselves. We want these kids to continue to be a part of our awesome community. We also need to watch for their safety in the gym during class times. Strong bodies sprinting in and out the gym, massive dumbbells being dropped from the heavens, ginormous rubber weights on steel bars being dropped from broad shoulders! This is hard work at its finest, and a show for the kids to watch in their designated areas.   At CrossFit Ready we do not have an ample amount of space, but we do have a kid friendly zone with a state of the art television that plays all the G  rated movies you can dream of.  Please come to the gym […]

Let us work on scaling to keep our intensity high!  Lift: Strict Press 5-5-5-5-5 Set a 12 minute clock 90 seconds rest between sets Capacity: 8min amrap 200m run 10 alternating db snatches rest 90 seconds 8min amrap 200m row 10 Hand stand push ups

We are almost done with our linear progression back squats! We are going to switch things up starting this week with some high rep front squats. Work on staying upright, and work on keeping the elbows up as you start to fatigue.  Make sure to start with 60% of your most recent heavy front squat single. If you do not have a number, find a heavy single and do 2×8 at 60% of your heavy single. Lift: Front Squat 3X8 60% of 1 rep   Capacity: 2 rounds for time 20 cal row 50 wall balls 20 burpees over parallette 50 box overs 20/24        

  Our very own Brooke Ence is currently in 2nd place after day 1! She finished 75 snatches in 2:42 and event about a thousand rope climbs in 9:57! Make sure to tune in tomorrow and cheer her on! Tomorrow check her out online from 1:15-1:45 and at 3:30-4:50! Event 3 the longest chipper of  GHD sit ups mile run, and box overs Event 3 150ft hs walk for time Event 4 a 1 rep max snatch!

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