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Aright everyone.. workouts are in. Lets get to work. Individual Event: 1 Squat Snatch+1 Overhead Squat The bar must be received with the hips below parallel (similar rules as the snatch event in the 2014 Regionals). No power snatch and squat, for example. Hips must pass parallel on squat as well. Lifter must stand tall (fully extended) and in control of the barbell after each lift. Judge will signal when to drop the bar with “good lift”. Press out is allowed as long as the barbell ascends in one smooth motion (no wide grip clean and press) and the arms are locked out upon standing. Dropping to knees is not allowed. Men use 45# bar. Women use 33# barbell. Weight increases must be in at least 5# increments. Heaviest completed complex wins. Lifters of each gender will all use the same respective bar, rotating on lifts. A lifter is allowed 3 missed lifts before being out. The weight on the bar cannot be decreased. Team Floater Event:  1:00 Airdyne for max calories   […]

This Sunday at CrossFit Ready we will be having an awesome affiliate cup power hour! CrossFit Central and CrossFit Ready are teaming up to have an organized training session! Coach Daniel and Coach Gary will have the following structure laid out for you all : 15 mins to work on a lift that need improvement 10 minutes to work on skills that need improvement then some team fun! Begin at 0:00  3 rounds 10 deadlifts 20 burpees over the bar 100 double unders begin at 10:00 30 ground to overhead 40 pull ups 50 front squats 60 calorie row Begin at 20:00 6 rounds of 200m relays. See all you competition athletes at 11am this Sunday!

Monday is around the corner, and what better way to start off the week with some snatches! Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes : 1 snatch high pull + snatch. Check out the BB shrug video on High pulls to see it for yourself: Key points for the snatch high pull (and snatch) – Get set like a snatch. – Dont curl. -H.T.H, Hit those Hips. – Keep the bar close. – Keep the elbows up high! – Like a a scarecrow  

Last Monday CrossFit had a great turn out for the open gym portion. Some snatches. Some jumping squats. And some Monster Mash! Starting tomorrow we are starting a new squat cycle! No more 15 reps! Now we will be doing getting to a heavy triple, then backing off  with some more percentage work! But how many reps? You just have to show up to find out! The affiliate cup athlete hour this week schedule is : Saturday sept 6. 11am Sunday sept 14. 11am Sunday sept 21. 11am Saturday sept 27. 11am Anybody interested in competing for the affiliate cup or future competitions representing Ready, feel free to come. Format will go as follows. Lift – Lift on a weakness. Skill- Work on a skill that needs improvements. Capacity – Work on team workouts/ transitions. There is a competition/ Tough Mudder coming to san Jose very soon. Stay tuned for more information!

Labor day is coming! CrossFit Ready will have the following schedule for the next 5 days!   Friday, August 29 Regular schedule. 6am/7am/8am/9am/4pm/5pn/6pm Saturday, August 30. 9am – strength class. Olympic lifting 10am – Regular class 11am- Athlete hour ( Class for all affiliate competition interests) Sunday, August 31. CROSSFIT READY WILL BE CLOSED   Monday, September 1st. LABOR DAY 9am-11am ONLY: Open WOD. CrossFit Ready will have aN open gym format with 3 workouts and lifts to choose from   Tuesday, September 2nd. Regular schedule STARTS BACK UP. 6am/8am/9am/4pm/5pn/6pm/7pm.        


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Dear CrossFit Ready, We would like to thank you for all the tremendous support you have given to CFR. It had been over 2 years since we took the leap of faith to open this great facility. The ancient Greeks used the word gymnasion to describe a place for both physical and intellectual education. Our gym is more than a gymnasion. It is a place with likeminded individuals bettering themselves! Physically, we are constantly improving our fitness. Let it be our strength, endurance, or skills. We lift heavy, we run, we jump, and we move our bodies in different planes of motion.We accomplish amazing feats we never thought possible. We increase our fitness across all modalities and domains. Mentally, this gym is our escape from the outside world, and no matter the external stresses of our day, once we walk through that big front door, and step on that black matt we are transformed to a different world. None of the drama in our lives follows us in. None of the negative energy is […]

Alright! Its that time of year again..The local Santa Cruz throwdown… The 2015 Affiliate Cup. Here is some basic information about the Cup: Each gym can have:  RX- 2 teams Open- 4 teams 40+- 2 teams 55+- 2  teams Deadline for  teams : September 1st Teams : – RX. 2 men. 2 women. Do most  movements in CrossFit ( Muscle ups, HSPU, chest to bar pull ups, Snatches, Cleans, pistols) – Open and masters teams – 6 people. Minimum of 2 men and 2 women. Should be beginners. Not competitiors Cost : 40 per person. Pay CrossFit Ready by August 30th In the comp : – Each team and division will compete in 2 events. – There will be an individual event that will be some form of Olympic lift (not a metcon) that is open to anyone. The cost for the individual event is $10 per person and the winner of each gender takes all. Advanced sign up is required. Business : - If any of you know someone or […]

In honor of #tbt or Throwback Thursday, I would like to write a little post about the CrossFit Games. This year CrossFit Ready had 2 Masters athletes make the 2014 Games! Kristine gave it her all this year. She hit a personal record deadlift at 215lbs on the first day. She continued to give it her all throughout the week and had some intense battle wounds when it was all said and done. Troy Miller lifted some heavy weight on the first day, a big 445lb deadlift! He represented Ready amazingly on the last day with a huge first place in the “Down and Back” chipper WOD. 40 box jumps 24 in 20 toes-to-bars 40 wall-ball shots 20lb 20 ring dips 40 wall-ball shots 20lb 20 toes-to-bars 40 box jumps 20in This Chipper will now be known as the “Troy Takeover”…Hint hint. We will be doing it next Friday! I am personally very proud of both athletes. They both put in the time and hard work to make it in […]

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