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Here is an updated version of  the workouts for the Turkey Throwdown this Saturday! We will have regular classes on Saturday! Meet up at Central at 12. First event starts at 1pm! Event 1 : RX division: “Let’s Hang” 7min CAP 20 reps at each weight split between teams of 2 Men – 185lbs hang squat cleans Women – 115lbs hang squat cleans 15 reps at each weight split between teams of 2 Men – 205lbs Women – 125lbs 20 reps TOTAL split between all 4 team athletes men – 225 women – 135   Open division: “Let’s Hang” 7min CAP 20 reps at each weight split between teams of 2 Men – 115lbs Women – 75lbs 15 reps at each weight split between teams of 2 Men – 135lbs Women – 85lbs 20 reps TOTAL split between all 4 team athletes men – 155lbs women – 95lbs   Masters division: “Let’s Hang” 7min CAP 20 reps at each weight split between teams of 2 Men – 85lbs Women – […]

Alright CrossFit Ready athletes, it’s time to assemble your teams! Teams needed: RX  level Team 1 – 2 males, 2 females RX level  Team 2 – 2 males, 2 females Athlete level 1- 2 males, 2 females Athlete level 1- 2 males, 2 females Masters 50 + level - 2 males, 2 females RX levels suggested be able to : Men : Clean over 225. Jerk 225.  Snatch 155lbs.  Chest to bar pull ups. Muscle ups. Deadlift over 350lbs. Hand stand push ups.  Ring dips. Double unders. 30 inch box jumps. 20lb ball. Women: Clean over 135. Jerk 135.  Snatch over 95lbs. Chest to bar pull ups. Muscle ups. Deadlift over 225lbs. Hand stand push ups. Ring dips. Double unders. Box jump 30 inch.   Athlete levels suggested be able to : Men : Clean over 185. Jerk 185.  Snatch 115lbs.  Pull ups. Deadlift over 255lbs. Hand release push ups. bar dips. Double unders. 24 inch box jumps. 20lb ball. Women: Clean over 103. Jerk 103.  Snatch over 73lbs. Pull ups. Deadlift over 165lbs. Hand […]

November. The month of Turkeys and honey glazed ham. The month of intaking a surplus of calories! But this November, something different is upon us! CrossFit Ready and CrossFit Central will be teaming up for their first local throwdown. Here are the details below: Date : NOV 22nd, 1pm-3:30 Number of teams : 5! – 2 RX, 2 Open divisions, 1 Masters over 50 How many on a Team : 2 men, 2 women on each How much : 10 bucks, all of the proceeds will go to the food for after. Workouts : There will be 3 events for each team. Avenger’s Assemble!! For many of you, the Affiliate cup was a great introduction to competition. You were all goal oriented to work on your weaknesses, and in that short span of time improved tremendously. The energy, the camaraderie, and the fun with events like these are rare. Participate in this event. Be a pioneer for the first Central Ready Throwdown. Push yourselves. It will be a blast. I guarantee it […]

  Let’s be honest. We love to snatch. October was the month of working on pulling the bar high! November is the month of speed! We will still get to some maximual loads, but the key focus will be working on moving the bar fast. This means that the majority of our snatch lifts for this month will be light.  I know, I know some of you are probably going to be like Rocky (See clip below), ” Come on Coach.. That’s embarrassing!”. But just trust me, and stay light and right with the snatch this month. Watch the video below. The snatch is just like that chicken. You gotta be fast to catch that snatch. Look how happy Rocko is once he becomes fast and catches that chicken. Today: Snatch balance + hang snatch + snatch 5 repeats at a weight.    

Sunday fundraiserday! CrossFit Ready is proud to be a part of Barbells for Boobs!Barbells for boobs is a non-profit breast cancer organization dedicated to the early detection of breast cancer, with an emphasis on women and men under the age of 40.  This program is inspired by athletes everywhere, local communities come together to raise funds  This program was developed by Barbells for Boobs to provide critical funding to breast centers nationally as a resource for thousands of men and women who do not qualify for government funding or charitable resources in the detection of breast cancer. 100% of the grant funds allocated go to direct services, there are no administrative fees connected to our grants. DOnate through our fundraising page (link below). Come in Sunday at 9am or 10am, workout and raise some money to kick cancers butt! DONATE HERE See you guys Sunday for an awesome Team workout!.

Last Sunday CrossFit Ready competed in our third Affiliate Cup Competition. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this annual competition, this is a team event which only includes members from CrossFit Affiliates within Santa Cruz County.  The teams are broken into three categories: RX, for the seasoned crossfiters who have competed before and are strong enough to handle the heavier barbell loads and advanced movements. Open, for the first time competitors or those who aren’t ready for advanced movements. Masters, for the over 40 gang. We had four teams and they all did great.  Our Masters team of Scott, Paul, Greg, Melanie, Barbara, and Nancy, finished the best with a 2nd place finish! Our Rx1 Team or Daniel J, EG, Alison, and Keely finished 6th.  Our RX2 Team or Sam, Troy, Gina, and Natalie finished 12th. Our Open Team, Kevin K., Stephan B., Rob S., Erica, Amanda, and Arielle finished 11th. Everyone represented Ready well and made out community proud.  Special shout out to the first time competitors:  Amanda […]

Aright everyone.. workouts are in. Lets get to work. Individual Event: 1 Squat Snatch+1 Overhead Squat The bar must be received with the hips below parallel (similar rules as the snatch event in the 2014 Regionals). No power snatch and squat, for example. Hips must pass parallel on squat as well. Lifter must stand tall (fully extended) and in control of the barbell after each lift. Judge will signal when to drop the bar with “good lift”. Press out is allowed as long as the barbell ascends in one smooth motion (no wide grip clean and press) and the arms are locked out upon standing. Dropping to knees is not allowed. Men use 45# bar. Women use 33# barbell. Weight increases must be in at least 5# increments. Heaviest completed complex wins. Lifters of each gender will all use the same respective bar, rotating on lifts. A lifter is allowed 3 missed lifts before being out. The weight on the bar cannot be decreased. Team Floater Event:  1:00 Airdyne for max calories   […]

This Sunday at CrossFit Ready we will be having an awesome affiliate cup power hour! CrossFit Central and CrossFit Ready are teaming up to have an organized training session! Coach Daniel and Coach Gary will have the following structure laid out for you all : 15 mins to work on a lift that need improvement 10 minutes to work on skills that need improvement then some team fun! Begin at 0:00  3 rounds 10 deadlifts 20 burpees over the bar 100 double unders begin at 10:00 30 ground to overhead 40 pull ups 50 front squats 60 calorie row Begin at 20:00 6 rounds of 200m relays. See all you competition athletes at 11am this Sunday!

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