Workout Of Day (WOD)

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  15.2 For as long as you can: From 0:00-3:00 2 rounds of: 10 overhead squats, 95lb/65lb 10 chest to bar pull ups From 3:00-6:00 2 rounds of: 12 overhead squats 95lb/65lb 12 chest to bar pull ups From 6:00-9:00 2 rounds of: 14 overhead squats, 95lb/65lb 14 chest to bar pull ups …… Strategy: Last week the workout was pretty much toes to bar. This week, Chest to bar pull ups. Break up the chest to bar pull ups early! I know most of you will hear that beep and completely forget any of this, but just try! Get that bar in the overhead squat position and find a nice rhythm. Remember to breath, and find a smooth pace to maintain your overhead squats, don’t go kamikaze. Minimize lateral movement in the overhead position, keep shoulders pinched back and in the correct position (don’t push the bar away AKA shoulders shrugged or “active shoulders”!).   Again, pull ups need to be broken up. Tape your hands/ wear some gloves. Take care […]

Here is an awesome little video about chest to bar pull ups: Lift : Back squat 3-3-3-3-3 rpe 8 Capacity: 10min amrap 1 sled push 100m run 10 c2b pull up 10 wall balls 20/14  


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  15.1 9min amrap 15 toes-to-bar 10 deadlifts, (115/75) 5 snatches, (115/75) then immediately Open Workout 15.1a 6 minutes to establish 1 rep max clean & jerk Score one : total reps. Score 15.1 A : total weight cleaned and jerked!. You can use .5lb plates.   How to do this: Grip. Grip. Grip. t2b are going to be the make or break for this workout. The deadlifts will tax the grip, as well as touch an go snatches. For all of you that remember that 14.4 workout, withf 50 t2b, remember what happened. That kip went 100 to 0 real quick! Singles came to play  for the majority of us that started off  with big sets. Remember this!   – Break those toes early. We all get so excited and want to go go gadget. We here that 3-2-1 GO, and forget everything of importance about breathing and life, and for some reason think if we go really really hard we will get the best score we possibly can. Break […]

OK… The 2015 Open is coming. The first workout will be released this Thursday at 5pm! CrossFit Ready athletes will have the opportunity to participate in the released workouts on Friday ALL day and Saturday at 9am! Scores will have to be logged in by Monday 5pm. Quick Summary: Thursday night : Workouts released. Friday : ALL Day at Ready we will be doing the workouts for our gym programming Saturday : 9am class  will NOT be its traditional STRENGTH class, but will be dedicated to athletes participating in the Open. Monday : Submit scores! Bottom line: Get excited! Get your neoprene sleeves, weight belt, wrist wraps, and lifting shoes ready! Get that positive attitude turned on and lets all have some fun together as a Community!    

    “Gone Girl” 8min amrap 8 ring dips 8 t2b 40 double unders rest 2 minutes run 1000m For tomorrow we have some ring dips! Here is a great video from Coach Chris, a trainer on the CrossFit Gymnastic seminars.  Watch the video first. Then check out the notes below. Work on doing the dips correctly! The first four reps in this video are correct. Coach Chris keeps his chest pointed towards the floor and his body in a strong hollow position. This allows him to engage larger muscle groups throughout the range of motion, thereby avoiding fatigue, and also keep the pelvis and ribcage (and therefore shoulders) in a strong position, safeguarding him from chronic injury. In the last three reps, Chris keeps his body too vertical, forcing the work onto smaller muscle groups. He breaks hollow and puts his pelvis and ribcage into weak positions, opening him up to shoulder problems down the line. Every time you do a ring dip like this, Coach Chris sprouts a gray […]

Hello CrossFit Ready Fam! Starting this week, two coaches will be teaching on Thursday’s 5pm/6pm/7pm and Saturday’s at 9am and 10am. Coach Kristen has been helping a great deal with our On-ramps, and will start to bring her great energy and knowledge into our classes! Let’s give her some big high fives and a warm welcome in beginning her coaching journey!  

Last weekend CrossFit ready was represented in the CrossFit World. Yes the world. We had  Lindsey and Kat crushing team workouts  at the Moxie throwdown. Troy, Scott, and Gina showing everyone in Norcal how fit they are!   Kat and lindsey finished in the top 1/3 of the pack in their first RX competition. 155lb cleans, regional athletes, bar muscle ups, and short shorts! These girls did an amazing  job representing our gym!   Over the bridge we had the NorCal masters!     These seasoned warriors started off their workout filled weekend with a clean and jerk ladder! Scott hitting an impressive 235lb clean and jerk! Next up we had Gina swinging a 53lb kettlebell and doing some chest to bar pull ups against game athletes!   Both Scott and Gina put it all out there and both finished in the top 10 in their age groups! Then the second day came… And when the clock beeped. It become Miller time! Troy had an impressive 1st place finishes in […]

        Hello CrossFit Ready team! We would like to let you all know about an awesome event happening this Weekend! The 5th annual NorCal Masters competition will take place on Saturday, January 24th and Sunday, January 25th, 2015, at the Craneway Pavilion in Richmond, CA.  We will be having 3 of our Amazing CrossFit Ready athletes competing! Troy Miller, Gina Santiago, and Scott Alberi! If  you have a free day, or are in the area, come witness some of the greatest athletes of all time going head to head with each other!  

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