Workout Of Day (WOD)

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We are excited to be hosting the Tuff Stuff Competition as Crossfit West on Saturday May 16th and we want everyone in our Crossfit Ready family to sign up!  Please go to the link below and check it out!!west-santa-cruz-may-16-2015/cmpv

Start your weekend off right with some split jerks and good mornings! 9am split jerk   10am 3×15 good mornings 15min. amrap 15 cal row 30 sit-ups 45 double unders  

Skill: Back Squats 3×5   Capacity: emom x 12 min. 1 10 manmakers min. 2 10 high box jumps 30/30 min. 3 10hspu      

Bench Press 3×5   Capacity: for time 40 wall balls 40 HR push ups 20 deadlifts 2 legless rope climbs  

    Skill: pistols   Capacity: 12 min amrap 12 box jump 12 box overs carwash run 6 sled pushes 6 L pull-ups

Our Community has just grown CrossFit Ready! Starting today, CrossFit Ready and CrossFit West are under the ownership of Santa Cruz County Fitness!  We are all very excited to be running such an amazing community! We have all grown together, and are now here to make Ready even more awesome.  What this immediately means for you? Access to both gyms starting Monday, April 13th!  Please feel free to email us any questions that you have to [email protected] Let’s start this week off strong with some Snatches! LIFT: Snatch from hip + snatch from knees + snatch from below knees (2second hold at each positions)   Capacity: For time: 20 cal 20 burpees 30 t2b 30 db snatches 40 kb swings 40 double unders CX: 53/35 70/50 RX: 53/35 50/35  

Get ready for some squats!   lift: back squat 3-3-3-3-3 Capacity: 12min amrap 20 pass throughs 15 unbroken wall balls 5 burpee toes 2 bar    

I am excited to announce that CrossFit West is one of the first CrossFit gyms to be affiliated with Hassle Free Barebell Club, a nationally known weightlifting club! HFBC has created some of Americas strongest weightlifters, and now some of their programming will be offered at CrossFit Ready. What does this mean for you Ready members? Get ready for Gainz   Olympic Lifting Monday. Lift: Clean complex- 1 clean from mid thigh + 1 clean from knee level + 1 clean from below the knees (hold 2 seconds at each position) Capacity: 3 min amrap 5 deadlifts (115/73) 5 front squats (115/73) 90 sec rest 3min amrap 10 cal row 10 HR push ups 90 sec rest 3min amrap 5 c2b pull ups 5 clapping push ups

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