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No burpees, but a whole lot of thrusters! 15.5 For time: 27-21-15-9 Row (Calories) Thrusters 95/65lbs Simplicity in design. Two common movements done really really hard! First off,  know that no matter your fitness level, you are going to have to visit the dark place. This workout needs to be done hard and fast.  Even if you break up the thrusters, you will need to take very short rests in between your sets. Know the Rules (From TZ Coach Jacob) Monitor Reset: You will note that the monitor must be set to zero at the start of each round. My recommendation is to have your judge hit the “Menu/Back” button as you’re exiting the rower, and to hit the “Just Row” button as you finish your thrusters. The monitor may take a second to load, so however you choose to do it, ensure that it’s ready by the time you get to it. Before anyone asks, yes, your judge can reset the monitor for you. From the Games Website: “Each time you return […]

The last Open event is coming  tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean the competitions are over. Get some of your friends together and lets head down to the lovely and fun Stockton! The Golden State Games part 2 fitness competition is coming in a couple weeks. Last year we had 1 scaled team from Ready, and let me tell was awesome! Gather up some Santa Cruz troops and lets go to Stockton and let them know! Like last year this event will be a team event that consists of 2 Male and 2 Female. April 11th  2 divisions ( RX and Scaled ) Cost will be $300 Time 8am – 5pm 4 events in one day Plenty of vendors will be in attendance and great food available. We hope that you join in all the fun and best of luck to you. No refunds will be awarded after February 20, 2015 *Prize money based on full attendance. Get a team ready and signed up!  

How about that really hateful relationship between the heels and that damn Tape! 4 down 1 more to go! Do you guys smell that? Kinda sour, with a hint of first rain? That’s burpees coming! I can almost guarantee it! We have a fun week of programming planned! Get your Olympic lifting shoes ready! lift : 2 hang power snatch + 1 snatch   Capacity: EMOMx12 minute 1 : 5 deadlifts 5 burpees onto plate minute 2: 200m sprint minute 3: 10 heavy kb swings 10 cal row   Check out this video below. Besides ungodly amounts of weights being lifted, what do we see? We see determination. We see resilience. David missed his second lift on his snatch, and his second lift on the clean and jerk, but came back to the platform and made both lifts! Yes being physically strong is great, but remember to also train the mental aspect continually. don’t let a movement or a challenging weight get to you, be determined and conquer it!  

15.5 is here.   Let’s get the basics out the way. Notes Prior to starting this workout each athlete will need to stand against the wall and measure and mark their foot line for the handstand push-ups (details to the left). At the call of “3-2-1 … go,” the athlete will kick up into a handstand and perform handstand push-ups. Once 3 handstand push-up reps are complete they will move to the barbell for 3 cleans, then back to the wall for 6 handstand push-ups, then 3 cleans, etc. Each round, the number of repetitions of the handstand push-ups will increase by 3. After every 3 rounds, the number of clean reps will increase by 3. Athletes will continue following this pattern for as many reps as possible within the 8 minutes. Your score will be the total number of repetitions completed before the 8-minute time cap. Tiebreak In this workout, we are using a special tiebreak method. Time should be marked after every third set of cleans (the last […]

15.3 is done. No wall balls or double unders or singles this week for you guys. Sleep well knowing that. A lot of us were frustrated seeing the muscle up movement as the first movement in 15.3. But we can look at challenges in 2 ways,  a negative or a positive. We can have a negative perspective/attitude and be upset, or we can make this moment a positive and start working on achieving a muscle up. Become motivated when challenges fall in front of you (we are talking about more than just muscle ups.). What did Frodo do when he had to destroy the Ring? Was he like “no, I don’t wanna do that, too hard? No! He went through orcs, white wizards,  ghost filled marshes, and super steep mountains (shoeless). Not only did he accept his challenge, but he was patient and persistent. As we know, it took him 7 months to achieve his goal. The bigger the challenge the longer it takes,  stick with it, and push through. […]

15.3 Open Workout 15.3 14 min amrap 7 Muscle-Ups 50 Wall Ball, 20/14 100 Double Unders   Muscle ups are first (Upside down Emoji) Depending on if you have muscle ups or not, 15.3  is going to be a workout with strategy and planning, or 14 minutes of you swinging on rings praying to the muscle up Gods (Praying hand emoji).   3 elements to look at: Muscle ups. Depending on your proficiency break them up from the beginning. Your goal with muscle ups are to make every attempt a make. The amount of recovery both mentally and physically from missed reps is not worth you trying to link your 2nd round with 3s or 4s.  If you are new to muscle ups, welcome to the club, go singles with controlled rest that you know you will make. Use the clock to give you that controlled rest time. Break the sets up before they break you. Remember that hollow and arch positions in the swing. Keep that body tight. Wall balls. […]

Lets have some fun with the jerks! Tomorrow we will work on the following complex Behind the neck jerk + Split jerk Common mistakes to be conscious of: 1. Weight forward when we dip. Make sure to have 3 points of contact when you dip. Big toe, pinky toe, and heel. 2. Hands choking the bar. Don’t hold that bar in the rack position like you are holding on for dear life. Relax hands. 3.  No finish. Punch that bar like you mean it. Reach to the lifting Gods. 4. Head back. Drive that head through as soon as you can!     slow motion for you all Capacity: 10 min Amrap 30 double unders 20 kb swings 10 pistolas  

  15.2 For as long as you can: From 0:00-3:00 2 rounds of: 10 overhead squats, 95lb/65lb 10 chest to bar pull ups From 3:00-6:00 2 rounds of: 12 overhead squats 95lb/65lb 12 chest to bar pull ups From 6:00-9:00 2 rounds of: 14 overhead squats, 95lb/65lb 14 chest to bar pull ups …… Strategy: Last week the workout was pretty much toes to bar. This week, Chest to bar pull ups. Break up the chest to bar pull ups early! I know most of you will hear that beep and completely forget any of this, but just try! Get that bar in the overhead squat position and find a nice rhythm. Remember to breath, and find a smooth pace to maintain your overhead squats, don’t go kamikaze. Minimize lateral movement in the overhead position, keep shoulders pinched back and in the correct position (don’t push the bar away AKA shoulders shrugged or “active shoulders”!).   Again, pull ups need to be broken up. Tape your hands/ wear some gloves. Take care […]

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